What I Offer

To those who are interested I offer to look up their ancestors and execute the genealogy in form of:

Ancestor Chart

The most used type of execution. Listed are the direct ancestors of a person. It is proceeding from present to past. EXAMPLE

For fun: If we choose someone, mark that person as generation 0 and start to look up its ancestors reaching to the 5th generation, we will find the following figures - date and place of birth and baptism, vocation, also reason, date and place of rest about 62 people.

Wider ancestor chart

It is the same as Ancestor Chart but includes siblings as well.

Descendant  Chart

Used mostly with blue blood where a famous ancestor had been known. All of his descendants are listed and it proceeds from past to present. EXAMPLE

So-called Family Tree Chart

It is a type of Descendant Chart. However, real family tree lists only those who bear the family surname. Listed are the daughters but not their children with the name of their father. 

The Final Product

  • An electronic file with all discovered data about ancestors (usable in almost all genealogic freeware) 
  • A notebook containing the data
  • A printed schematic visualization
  • Any combination of the aforementioned

Youl will receive all figures and visualization translated to English of course.

Other services

  • Searching for your ancestor´s native homes and other places (for example historical school buildings, churches, cemeteries etc.)
  • Guidance through those places during your visit of Czech republic

Have you decided to search for your Czech ancestors on your own but do not know where to start? Ask for my professional help and raise any questions!

I work for fair, beforehand given prices. What always matters are your requirements and communication.