How I Work

"I would be interested in... how will it look like?"


Gather as much information about your ancestors as you can, namely names, marriage and death certificates.

Choose the form of work (combination) you are interested in.


Through email we discuss the details and make final decisions about the project, conditions and requirements inclusive of the deadline.


After taking over the cash advance given in the agreement i will start working on your commission.

I will inform you regularly about the progress, in appointed cases you will be informed immediately (e.g. after discovering a side ancestral branch which is interesting in some way).

I will finish the commission according to the agreement and hand down the final work in exchange for the pay up.

I work fast and dilligently (to all figures are provided direct links or copies of sources I drew on). I like clear-cut arrangements and comply with what had been agreed on. A desire to fulfill your expectations and reticence are definite.

What expectations are yours?