About me

History was one of my biggest hobbies since elementary. With years adding up my interest had shifted from paleohistory across old Egypt and first civilisations to history of Czech countries, namely the medieval period. I focus mainly on the evolution of mansions and villages in the area of today´s Pilsen region, from which I came from and where I live.

At age of 35, in 2005 when I was deciding on which field and university to attend, I choose the Museology at Masaryk´s University in Brno. Apart from a title I yearned for knowledge and education in the field I love. At that time I had no idea history would be my profession.

The first lineage I have ever created was for my mother and since then people started to take interest and call me and so my experience started to pile up.

Are you interested in learning who were and where lived your Czech ancestors in ages long lost? Visit the contact page and we can work it out! 

Bc. Ivan K. Jakubík


  • Newspaperman of national TV station
  • Consultant in fields of internet and commercials
  • Project manager
  • Redactor/editor of national specialist weekly paper